Jet In The Air

Once upon a time, travel was a luxury. Traveling by flight was something only the rich and the elite could take up. Gone are those days. Today, come long weekend, everyone is busy planning a trip and the mode of transportation is really not that hard to decide. People want to travel quickly, saving on the travel time so that more time can be spent on the vacation. So, whether it is business travel or a relaxed holiday, flights are the easiest, fastest and most popular mode of transportation.
Among the many flights that traverse the Indian skies, the one airline that has taken up the top spot within a very short span of time is the Jet Airways. Since it begun its operations in 1993, the Jet Airways has bagged the “Best Domestic Airline” award many times, apart from many other national and international awards. It is today recognized as one of the fastest growing airlines in he world.
The Jet Airways connect 24 international destinations and operates to and fro between 51 Indian destinations. It offers world-class service in all departments from booking to check-in to in-flight meals and on-board shopping. For instance, Jet Airways offers a myriad of check-in options suitable for different passengers to save on time, especially for those travelling with children. You can thus check-in through their website or at their kiosk in the airport or through walk-in at the airport. You can also check-in via your mobile or simply through SMS. Travellers can check in from 48 hours to 2 hours prior to the boarding time.
The in-flight meal service offered from Jet Airways is miles away from the regular veg or non-veg meals one has to put up with in most flights. Instead a passenger here is introduced to fine dining, and can choose from the many kinds of special meals that include medical meals (diabetic, low fat, gluten free etc.), religious meals (Hindu, kosher etc.), kids meal (baby meal, children meal), veg (Asian, Indian etc.), other meals (fruit-platter, Continental etc.) to name a few.
Jet Lite, a subsidiary of Jet Airways, offers value for money flight options in service and shopping, thus serving a larger community. Shop for discount prices now at, and get cashback rebates when you shop online through When you book your Jet Airways flights through you get Rs.150 cash back on International flights, Rs.75 on domestic flights and Rs.50 on Jet Lite carriers.

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