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Pennyful.in is the Indian counterpart of pennyful.com, U.S.A. We are India’s most innovative and promising cashback website. As a cashback website, we offer you not just money to shop with us, but also some excellent deals, online coupons, and promo codes to help you save more when you shop through us. If you still think that’s not enough, check out these facts and you can decide for yourself, if we are indeed the top cashback website or not.
• While our Indian cashback website is relatively new, we are, in fact, old players when it comes to the cashback game itself, especially in the U.S. cashback market. We have played the game quite successfully (with excellent cashback, and unbeatable online coupons and promo codes), and have close to 2000 stores associated with pennyful.com.
• Among the few cashback websites in India, fewer still have anything new to offer. Breaking free from the redundancy, pennyful.in has introduced many innovative concepts. Referrals, for instance. We are the only cashback website to give each customer a flat fee of Rs.100 every time they refer a new customer.
• We also give a sign up bonus of Rs.50 just for signing up with pennyful.in.
• Most cashback websites have a huge threshold amount. Ours is just Rs. 500. Shop once and you are covered.
• Registration is absolutely free. Our sign up is the most hassle free sign up you will come across amongst cashback websites. There are no forms to fill and no waste of time. You can sign in with your Yahoo, Facebook, Google, PayPal, Windows live Id, or even AOL account directly to the website. If you have an account with any of these websites, you are as good as signed into pennyful.in.
• Once signed in you are ready to shop immediately. Choose your product, and you will be taken to the store within seconds and your shopping begins instantaneously.
• We have some of the big names in all categories associated with us. If you are looking for discounts in travel tickets and hotel reservations try big names like cleartrip.com, ezeego.com, expedia.co.in, British Airways etc. who are connected to us, for excellent rebates. Like for example, when you shop from cleartrip.com, you can get up to Rs.115 cashback. Similarly, shop from ezeego.com and get up to Rs.375 in cashback. This is, of course, apart from the many online coupons and promo codes available with each of them to help you save more. But, all these are available only when you shop through us.
• Browse through our various categories like Baby Care, Clothing, Home & Garden, Music, Computers, Books, Business, Sports etc. and save huge each time you shop with us.

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