Dear Friend

Friendship is the best relationship you can share with someone. A friend is there when you want to share your happiness or your sadness. A good friend accepts you as you are, no question of ‘changing you’. An ideal friend passes no judgement on you, and stands by you in all your times of need. She criticizes you, compliments you, all with the same vigour. Even a parent-child relation or a husband-wife relation works best when the two sides in question move with each other as friends. If you share such a wonderful bond with someone special, now is the time to express it. Although one may argue against a clichéd idea of celebrating ‘one special day in a year’ for friendship, if you think about it, it is really one more opportunity to express your love for your friend. With Friendship Day around the corner, we suggest a few simple ways to share your love with your dear friend.

A letter to a friend
Letter? In an abridged world of SMS, a letter may seem old, dead and redundant. But, never underestimate the power of words. A letter can bring back nostalgic memories that an SMS can never convey. Don’t just forward run-on-the-mill messages. Instead pen your thoughts about how much you adore your friend, her pluses and minus and how you cherish your friendship. Your friend will definitely love your thoughtful act.

Take time out
Thought is good, but action shows you mean it. Sending an SMS or a note may not always work. Sometimes you need to be in person to deliver the message. So, this Friendship Day, take time out to be with your friend and catch up on your lives.

Personalize your gift
Gifting is a special deed. It speaks volume about your thoughts. So make your thoughts count by making your own gift. You can make a collage of photos of you and your friend. Or you can make a scrapbook with all events and memories that you share with your friend, your growing years, your school days, picnic, etc. Even a mixed tape can bring back beautiful memories.

Spend for friend

If you don’t have time to make your own gifts, buying a gift will always show your love. Buying gifts online will not only save you money, but also time not to mention the different stores and varieties of gifts that you can browse with a click of a mouse. Discounts are abundant when you shop online. For example, check out, which sells all branded clothing, accessories, coolers, bags, perfumes, lingerie, shirts, books and watches at unbelievable prices. The sale that goes up to 80% off are on for only limited number of days. So log on right now to get the best products at the best price for your best friend. Also remember when you shop through, you can avail more discounts in the form of cashback rebates.

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