Tips For A Safe Online Shopping

The buying power of Indians has surely multiplied. What was once considered luxury have all become necessity, like mobile phones, vehicles (be it two wheeler or a car depending on the earning capacity), air condition, television etc. This is a change that has come gradually over the years. But, what is new is buying these online. Not only have Indians gone on a shopping spree, but they are doing it online too. Mind it, there is no harm. But, things can go wrong in online shopping. With a bit of precaution, however, these slips can be easily overcome and eshopping can become both fruitful and a wonderful experience.

Comparison is good
It is a must when you shop online. It ensures that you buy the right item at the right price. So, don’t just blindly go to the first website you click and shop away. Compare and contrast various websites and then find the best deals among them. Scout for online coupons and promo codes to save on your purchases. See which website does free shipping or takes the minimum amount.

Security is all mighty

Never ever enter your credit card information on a page that is not encrypted. For example when you checkout, make sure the web address has “https” instead of “http”. “Https” implies you are shopping from a secured server. Also shop only from your personal computer. On a public computer it is easier to steal your data. When you shop, do so from a trusted vendor, but more importantly go to the vendor directly. Don’t go through unknown sources, from where your information can be easily accessed by scammers.

Here credit cards are safe

Contrary to belief, credit cards are the safest way to buy online. These days most encryption and validation have made transaction through credit cards safe. The same cannot be said about money order or cheques or even cash.

Big deal(s)
Deals are what makes your shopping experience worth it. Free shipping, promo codes, online coupons, cashback rebates, half-price sale, festival offers, buy-one-get one free etc. are some of the ways by which you can cash in on online shopping. Compare before you shop. Even if all the stores offer the same price and there is one that’s giving free shipping, it makes sense to shop from that store.

Maintain transaction records
Maintaining a record of your transactions means that you can track your shipping easily. It also doubles as a proof in case of later date disputes. Most online shops provide a summary of the transaction. Take a print out and file it. is the last word
Now, here’s one website that satisfies all the above criteria. Whether you want to compare stores, or use online coupons, and get the best price for your items, and earn cashback rebates for your shopped items, just log on to and shop away. It is safe, smart and secure.

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