10-Day Mela

Grand parades, colourful dandiyas, massive Durga idols, excessive food, revelry amidst devotion are some of the aspects that set apart Dussehra festival from the other festivals of India. Referred to as Dasara and Navratri, the ten-day long festival (including Vijayadasami) smacks of fun for the youngsters and a devotional period for the older generation. India, being the diverse land it is, showcases a myriad of colours, action and devotion during the ten-day festival. Each part of India has its own specialty to boast of during the Navratri festival.
Let’s see some of the colourful ways that dussehra is celebrated in various parts of the country. This would also be the perfect time to travel to these amazing destinations and celebrate Dussehra in a special way.

Dussehra is almost synonymous with Mysore, which is the Anglicized version of Mahishuru, the demon killed by Goddess Durga. It sees the most number of visitors and tourists during the 10-day Dussehra festival. The brightly illumined Mysore Palace with its various religious and cultural programmes like dance, music, and drama is a visual treat for tourists. Apart from these, travellers can explore and immerse themselves in the mammoth fair that will be held in the grounds opposite to the palace. All kinds of artefacts and products are up for sale and it is definitely a shopper’s delight. The main highlight of the Mysore Dussehra festival is the procession of Goddess Chamundeshwari, carried on a Golden howdah that weighs nearly 750 Kg, on top of an elephant. This is an event that ought not to be missed. Make your room reservations or book your train or flight tickets through pennyful.in and get great deals, discounts and rebates.

Ask a Bengali what Dussehra means to him/her, and prompt comes the reply, Durga Pooja. Nowhere is Durga Pooja celebrated in such grand manner as in Kolkata and in the rest of Bengal. The reverberating sound of Dhak, Dhunuchi nachh and the fragrance of Shiuli transports every Bengali to his/her home ground. It is a great fortune for those who witness the Durga Pooja first hand in the land of tigers.
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For a completely different Dussehra head to Kullu Valley in Himachal Pradesh, where over 200 dieties converge at one single point and they pay homage to Lord Raghunthji. It usually starts on the Vijayadasami day and goes on for seven days. Fun fairs, folk dance and music and spectacular procession form the core of the Dussehra festival. The Gaddi shepherds tribe come down the hill to display their musical and dance talents as part of the celebrations. Beautiful handicrafts, shawls and never seen rare tribal products can be bought at the fair during the 10-day festival. Expedia.co.in has exclusive Dussehra deals for Kullu. Shop through pennyful.in and get cashback up to 4%.

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