Beauty Spot On!

Dussehra is here, and Diwali is only a few weeks away, which means there are more reasons to party. It’s time to pull out your best outfits (or buy one), and put your best make up on. Make up, if bit over done, can make you look loud and gaudy; if underdone, then you will be nothing more than plain Jane. In a party everyone wants to stand out. And the right make up can do the trick. Any one can wear a make up with style. It’s no rocket science, but you still need to know the basics of it. Here are some ABC’s of make up to help the Indian skin.

Make up turns a tad darker when it mixes with the body’s natural oils. So, always choose a colour that is lighter than your skin.

Foundation can make or break your look. The trick is in choosing the right one. Choose one depending on your skin. A flawless skin calls for a primer foundation whereas a full coverage foundation is ideal to cover pigments and discolouration. A yellow-based foundation is most suited for the Indian skin rather than an orange or pink one, which makes the skin look artificial.

After you apply the foundation, dust a bit of loose powder with a brush on your skin so that the foundation does not smear and it will also give your skin a slight glow.

Water based make up is the best for an oily skin. Applying astringent before putting your make up also helps the oily skin.

Nothing makes a style statement like a pair of gorgeous eyes. For the perfect look, draw the thickest part right above the pupil and then draw a fine line on either side.

If you like to apply blush, go with this rule: the darker your skin, the darker the blush should be. Darken women look good in burgundy and shades of red. Fair complexioned women look good in pink and coral shades. For an evening party keep the blush look dramatic, and opt for a subtler tone in the day time.

When choosing a lip colour, opt for one or two shades darker than your lip, and you will not go wrong. Colours of red, plum, salmon, apricot, berry and pink are the most suited shades for the Indian lips. Use a matching lip liner for an effective look.

Don’t ever step out without a lipgloss, especially in winters. It moisturizes and gives your lips a luscious look and adds a subtle colour. Also, you don’t want a close encounter spoiled because of cracked lips.

When there is no time for an elaborate make up, a simple kaajal can make a whole world of difference between looking elegant and plain.

When applying eye shadow, choose three different colours from the same colour palette. Apply the lightest colour on the lid, the medium tone on the crease and the darkest just under the eyebrow for the most dramatic effect. Shimmery eye shadows and smoky eyes render the perfect party look. To add depth apply mascara.

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