Parents Can Effectively Tackle Child Obesity

Ask any child, “What do you want to be when you grow older?” Engineer, doctor, pilot pat comes the answer. What about obese? Is that an answer you’d expect? Well, whether today’s kids want to or not, that is what they will end up as if parents don’t regulate the amount of junk food that kids consume nowadays.
Obesity not only has physiological problems, but brings upon the child many psychological problems too. Lower self esteem, social discrimination, and lower quality of life becomes the lot of obese children. In India, to make matters worse, parents and grandparents pamper children with ghee-laden sweets and chocolates. They believe falsely that a rotund child with chubby cheeks is a healthy child and refuse to accept or acknowledge if the child is overweight. Parents have to first accept and address the situation. Not only accept, parents should also understand child obesity is not a size problem as much as a lifestyle problem. Discuss rather than force. Instead of focusing on the weight, focus on your child’s healthy living. Children have enormous capacity to understand and they will surely see what you mean.

It is the parents who can play a very effective role in curbing obesity to a great extent. In our last blog post we saw a few. Here are some more points to help you fight your child’s tendency to put on weight.

Schedule a fixed food time for your children. During school days, children, especially younger ones, need to sleep early and get up early. Get them into a systematic habit of eating, playing and sleeping. Yoga is another excellent way to bring a discipline in your child’s life, although weight loss through yoga may take months or even years before results are seen. Shop online from stores like,, etc through and get great rebates on yoga products and props.

Incorporate a rich diet. How can you do that@f0 If your child detests palak, it’s time you find different ways to use it. Does he love pasta@f1 Use spinach and pureed vegetables to make a pasta sauce, or even a parantha for that matter. Do they like cakes, try to bake instead of giving store bought. Cup cakes are very easy to make, and can be made even in microwave oven. Use bananas, fruit purees, and nuts to enrich the cake. Our good old peanut candies and til chikkis are very good source of iron and are excellent munchies.

Finally keep them active. Take them for a walk after dinner. Make sure they go out to play and not glued to the idiot box always. Help them burn their calories.

When you go grocery shopping, leave your kids at home. Otherwise you will end up buying them a lot of unnecessary cans of fruit juice and candies and biscuits. In fact one other way to shop safely for grocery is to shop online. These days there are many stores that sell online fresh vegetables and fruits and groceries too. Check for such stores and use the online coupons and promo codes to get discounts on your purchase.

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