Enjoy Environmentally Safe Diwali

Diwali represents the victory of good over evil. If pollution is ‘evil’, then going green is the ‘good’ that has to win this war. This Festival of Lights, let’s take a vow to celebrate Diwali without polluting the environment. Let’s pay our respects to Mother Nature by celebrating it in an eco-friendly way. Here are some ways to celebrate Diwali in a Green way without losing out on the fun.

Diwali is synonymous with lights. Our ancestors were smarter and greener when they used the earthen diyas to light the entire household. It was cheaper, eco-friendly and traditional. On the other hand, in our race to look cool, we use more power in the form of electricity to light our household, thus draining energy and also increasing the bill. This year make a change. Use regular diyas to light your house and feel the difference. Shop for traditional diyas from Ferns and petals (fnp.com). Shop through pennyful.in and get up to 7.5% cashback rebates.

Do you have it in you to say no to crackers? Great! If not, at least buy those that don’t spread pollution as much. These days there are many organic crackers available, which are made from recycled papers, produce less noise or no noise and emit only light. These crackers do not burn your pockets nor add to the noise/air pollution. Oxford, Titanic, National Treasure and Fifty Shots are some examples of eco-friendly crackers.

Diwali is the right time to gift. Find joy in gifting others. Be thoughtful and gift eco-friendly gifts to your family and friends. Herbal soaps and skin care products, gourmet organic food products and beverages, hand made handicrafts etc. are some ideas. Add eco-friendly messages to remind your recipients about the need for a green Diwali.

Diwali is a thanksgiving time. It is a time to share and spread the joy by giving. This Diwali find happiness by giving to the needy and the lesser privileged. Share foods, sweets and clothes to those who really need them and lighten their life for a day.

Big colourful rangolis are part of Diwali decorations. Instead of store bought chemical colours, this year opt for natural dye colours, which can be made easily at home. For yellow colour use turmeric powder mixed with rice flour, for red colour use kumkum or dried and powdered hibiscus petals, green colour can be obtained from powdered dried leaves, brown colour from coffee powder and so on and so forth.

If you are having a big Diwali party and planning to decorate your house, go for natural decorative items like flowers and diyas instead of plastic decorations. Keep flowers in corners and tables in vases and cups to add colour and fresh smell to your house. Use organic incense in place of room fresheners. Use diyas instead of electrical lights.

Reduce your carbon footprint by shopping online for all your Diwali needs like clothes, gifts, diyas, decorations and even crackers. Not only will you be saving money, but you would also save on energy and petrol. Shop from pennyful.in and make a difference to the environment.

Avoid shopping in excess, by going online. When banners and hoarders are screaming hard for their greatest sale, take shelter in quiet shopping from home.

Celebrate Diwali as a community. This is especially possible in apartments and gated communities. You will thus reduce much of the air and noise pollution.

Put the Internet to maximum use by sending e-greetings (thereby saving paper). Even virtual crackers are available and promise to provide hours of fun without adding to the environmental pollution.

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