How To Choose The Right Diwali Gift

Dussehra is not yet over and already retailers are shouting ‘Sale!’ at the top of their voices. You only have to check stores to know how true we are. Any store you open, you will find unbelievable sale, discounts, cashback, rebates, coupons and promo codes to make your head go dizzy…with joy of course! Diwali is the perfect occasion to buy gift for your friends and family. Even corporate houses go out of their way to please their employees with gifts of sweets or crackers. From gift hampers to clothes, cars to household products, kitchen appliances, and decorative pieces, sweets and crackers, everything is on sale during Diwali.

Gifting is an art and choosing the right gift for the right person takes some thought. Gifts speak volumes where words fail. It is a savior for those who stay miles away from their families. The Internet has made gifting as easy as just as tapping. It helps establishing the Indian roots for those who are away from their families. Whether you want to wish your parents or siblings, friends or boss, Diwali is the right time to express your feelings. And, say it right with some wonderful gifts. But before getting down to the nuances of the gift ideas here are some general tips to help you choose the right gift.

Before selecting a Diwali gift you have to consider many things. Like for instance, the budget, the number of people for whom you are sending, when, where and how to send the gift and packaging it of course. There are gifts to suit all budget. So decide beforehand your budget and stick to it to avoid any regrets later. Before buying the gifts, make a list of the people you want to buy so that you can clearly work out what to buy for whom. Always get one or two extra gifts just in case for those unexpected visitors. The online shopping world has opened a wide market of gifts to choose from, so be an early bird in order not to miss out on any deals or sales. Avoid last minute purchases so that your gifts can reach on time to the recipient.

Irrespective of age, everyone loves a gift. The joy of opening a coloured gift wrapper and the thrill of finding what’s inside defies age. Whether the happiness lasts or ends abruptly depends largely on the gift itself. So before choosing a gift, think about the age, likes and dislikes, and even of the utility value for the person. The gift should bring out your thoughtfulness and your emotions too for it to be appreciated fully. Don’t be stuck up on age-old ideas. Feel free to experiment and gift something that is trendy and chic. A roller skates or a skateboard will find great enthusiasm in kids. Your parents might be thrilled to own an iPad. Your sister might like a cool watch and your wife may find perfumed candles a romantic addition to your bedroom. Check for more gift ideas at Gifts are an expression of love. So, don’t just hand them or post them mechanically. Add a note or say something to make the gift and the recipient really special.

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