Break The Fast, Not The Breakfast

Amidst a harried morning schedule, an Indian housewife finds time for everything from getting her children ready for school, to ironing her husband’s clothes, to even help her children revise or finish any pending homework. What she does not have time for is her morning cup of coffee. If she has her first cup of coffee or tea in the morning few hours after she gets up, what should we say about her breakfast schedule. Does it even feature or is it lost in the mountainous household chores or outside work as the case may be.

Not just the housewife, but children, working men/women, and even old people regularly skip their breakfast for some reason or the other. Even though enough has been said about breakfast being the most important meal of the day, yet, sadly, it hasn’t still created the necessary effect for most part.

Why is breakfast important?
To say it briefly:
Breakfast keeps your metabolism active, your energy level high and lends a positive attitude throughout the day.
It curbs your snacking/binging on food habit, thus helping to maintain weight.
Studies show that people who eat breakfast regularly are prone to lesser number of heart attacks, and strokes.
Eating breakfast regularly increases concentration power and helps you stay focussed.

Easy breakfast ideas
People skip breakfast because they don’t have the time to eat, or worse they don’t have the time to prepare. Some even find it boring to prepare, and some just don’t have the energy or enthusiasm to cook something early morning. Whatever the reason may be, nothing justifies skipping a breakfast.

A little forethought, a little planning and preparing well ahead saves time, energy and reduces morning tension. For instance, Idli and dosas are ideal breakfast food. They are healthy, fulfilling, and packs us with energy. Idli and dosa batter can be made even 4-5 days ahead. You can even use the store bought ones, which can be used for two days. With little creativity you can bring a new variation to the two dishes (fried idli, vegetable idli, uthappam, pesarattu, adai, aapam, idli uppma etc.).

Eggs are another quickie and healthy option: scrambled egg, omelette or even a frittata can pep your breakfast plate. If you don’t eat eggs, try making scrambled tofu or paneer with some cut onions, green chillies and coriander, and you will see that you wouldn’t mind eating it for a whole week too. A plate of this provides up to 250 calories without the toast.

Porridge made out of oats or ragi are easy to make and full of essential nutrients and vitamins for the body. It takes only three to five minutes to make porridge. Mix some fresh fruits to add zing to it.

Another healthy option is to carry a cup of yoghurt and a fruit in a ziplock. (Available at for great discounts and rebates.) Eat it as soon as you reach office. It cannot get easier and healthier than that.

If you like parathas, make the dough the previous day and all you have to do is roll and cook it the next morning. A cup of yoghurt and pickle will complete the meal.

Absolutely hard pressed for time, then eat a healthy bowl of cereals. (Shop for varieties of cereals from and get excellent cashback.) Choose one without the added sugar. By adding some fresh cut fruits and honey, your bowl of cereals will make a perfect and complete your morning meal.

Sabhudana kichdi, vegetable rawa (sooji) upma, potato poha, paneer chila…the options for a breakfast on the Indian dining table are many. And most of these can be prepared ahead. Like for example, for rawa upma, fry the rawa and add the seasoning and keep it ready the previous night itself. Cut the vegetables and keep it ready. Next morning just mix every thing and cook. Simple. As they say where there is a will, there is a way. So, next time you think you don’t have the time or energy to make a breakfast, think again.

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