Taking Care Of Six Yards Of Elegance

Even though the Indian women’s wardrobe is under constant onslaught from western outfits, there is only one attire that rises above these attacks and remains supreme. It is the saree. Cotton, silk, silk cotton, cotton silk, crepe, georgette, jute…the list is endless. The saree, as beautiful as it may be, demands constant attention. Only so long you take good care of it and maintain it, will it retain its original sheen and class. If you don’t, it’s just six yards of cloth, good only for dusting.

With the party season just behind us and all the sarees out and put to good use, it’s time to clean, fold, iron and keep them safe inside the closet once again. Saree maintaining, especially silk saree is not easy. Silk is said to be the king of fabrics. No wedding or even party is complete without the presence of silk clothes. Classic and elegant, the silk brings with it as much effort in maintenance as much it adds beauty to the one who wears it. Here are some tips to help you maintain your silk sarees, so that every time you wear it, it will look as good as new.

After buying the silk saree, remove it from the box. Do not leave it inside the box or a plastic bag for more than three days.

Silk should not be subjected to constant washing or dry cleaning. Give it for dry cleaning for the first time and after that hand wash it whenever necessary.

When you wash silk sarees, remember to wash the border, pallu and the body separately. Use mild detergents to wash and do not use any chemicals.

Don’t keep the sarees soaked in water for long hours. Wash away stains with cold water immediately. Lipstick and cosmetic stains can be removed by applying a little bit of talcum powder and wiped with paper towel.

Do not scrub silk sarees.

Do not beat, wring or lash silk sarees.

Add a cup of Comfort and starch like Stiff & Shine to a bucket of water. Soak the washed sarees in the water for 10 minutes. This will help preserve the sheen of the saree.

After washing, roll it in a towel to remove excess moisture and dry it on a padded hanger. Don’t dry them in bright sunlight as the sarees may start to lose colour.

Always use medium iron only. Iron it when it is damp for best results or steam iron.

Keeps your sarees in cool, dark place away from sunlight.

Once a month unfold silk sarees and dry them out in the sun and refold them. When you fold them see to it that there is minimum friction between the embroidery and the cloth.

Don’t hang silk sarees as it may react with the metal in the hanger. Instead keep them folded in a muslin cloth as it allows the sarees to breathe.

To protect sarees with heavy zari or embroidery from getting pulled by jewellery, stitch a net behind it so the knots and weave don’t loosen up.

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