Guest Blog – You can still maximise your savings if you know where to hunt for online deals

Hola shoppers! E-commerce has literally entered into every sphere today. From books to bikes, hair pins to plane tickets and pen-drives to home theatres, you can discover everything on your laptop. I personally have been an avid online shopper for a couple of years now. After using tons of sites, I realized that all of them care so much about the customers that they are always looking to offer a better price and service.  While this does sound good, it was also confusing for me. If all the e-stores have offers, where am I going to find the best deal?

Luckily, a friend suggested that I visit and I haven’t looked back since. Pennyful helps me discover all the best deals going on in the e-commerce space. But wait! That’s not all. For every purchase I make through this site, I am rewarded with a cashback. What could be better than this to maximise my savings?

If this sounds interesting to you and you want to know more, here is my experience with Pennyful.

1. Shoes at Myntra

I was going for a trek and wanted a new pair of shoes. Myntra has always been my first choice with this. So finally after a lot of brainstorming, I discovered these:

I checked out Pennyful and they offered me a coupon code with which I could get a 30% off.

Not only that, Pennyful offered me a cashback of Rs. 244 as well.

So here are my savings:

1499 discount + 244 cashback = Rs. 1743

Happiness delivered. Check

2. Bookings at

I was visiting my cousins in Mumbai with family. After checking out the plane tickets at Yatra, I logged in through Pennyful and here is another savings proof.

Total savings

500 discount +120 Cashback = Rs 620

Happiness delivered. Check.

3. Mobile recharge at PayTM

PayTm has been an easy solution for me to get recharges. The other night when I needed a 100 Rs. recharge, I checked out Pennyful again. And as always, they were waiting for me with a cashback of Rs. 21.

So I recharged my phone with Rs79 and got credits worth Rs 100

Happiness delivered. Check

Why are they giving me money back? And how?

For every purchase I make through pennyful, they are paid a commission from the merchant site (in this case myntra, yatra and paytm). They share that commission with customers. Cool, isn’t it?

Once my order is delivered or booking is done, Pennyful transfers the cashback into my bank account in 3-4 days.

And what sets Pennyful apart from other similar websites is the fact that you do not require a minimum payout amount to withdraw the money you have accumulated through cashback. You can withdraw it as an when you wish to.

So how do I do online shopping now?

After I have looked up for my favourite product, I check pennyful for deals and coupons. After logging into my account, I go to the merchant site through Pennyful and maximise my savings on every transaction .As a shopper, I would highly recommend you to give pennyful a try. Do let me know your experience.

This article was written by Shivankit Arora, content head at, a portal that helps you discover the best shopping sites for all products.

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    Ajay @ DesiDime May 4, 2014 (9:47 pm)

    Thanks for sharing useful tips on online shopping & briefly explaining how one can maximize the discount for the product and save maximum amount of money for the product purchased.

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