‘Deal of the Day’ at Amazon.in Silverlit I/R M.I Hover, Multi Color (3 Channel + Gyro)

Yes, it’s Monday, but Amazon.in’s ‘Deal of the day’ will help you fly away the Monday blues.

Valid only for today, Amazon.in brings you the Silverlit Motion Intelligent Hover helicopter at a discount of 50%. That means you can pick up the chopper, which is priced at an MRP of Rs. 2995, at just 1,499 today!

Silverlit’s innovative Motion Intelligent Hover helicopter brings in an entirely innovative flying experience and features an auto hover facility with the use of onboard sensors and gesture control. This means that everyone, at any age, can fly this chopper with ease. The M.I. Hover can be steered by simply tilting the transmitter back or forth, and by rotating it left or right. The remote control has only a single button for taking off, hovering and landing, and alternative buttons for climbing or descending on command.

The three channel infrared chopper also has a robust and durable body, made of impact resistant injection moulded plastic and has accompanying light effects which activate while hovering.  The helicopter even sports a sophisticated electronic gyro system for outstanding directional stability. Meant for all ages, the M.I. Hover is extremely stable and can be flown, not only outdoors, but is fun to fly indoors in a reasonable size room.

At just twenty centimetres long, Silverlit’s innovative Motion Intelligent Hover helicopter incorporates a lightweight lithium polymer battery can fly for up to ten minutes, whilst recharging direct from a computer USB port in less than half an hour.

Furthermore, if you pick up the chopper at Amazon.in via Pennyful.in, you will also get cashback of 8%!!

So pick up the incredible helicopter for, either your children or yourself at Amazon.in today!

Author (Ravitej Yadalam)

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