Flipkart launches Flipkart First

In an arena where the top ecommerce players are fighting for supremacy, Flipkart takes the battle to the next level with Flipkart First. The subscription service which has gone live since yesterday and is priced extremely competitively, at Rs. 500 a year. The innovative service offers free shipping on orders, same day guarantee for Rs 70, free in-a-day delivery and priority customer service.

Please note that these benefits apply on products bought from Flipkart’s retail arm, WS Retail, and does not apply to any other sellers on Flipkart at the moment. As of now, WS Retail charges Rs. 40 per item for delivery on orders less than Rs. 500, and has free delivery for orders above that.

This service definitely changes the ecommerce game and indicates that customers, above cashback and discount coupons, now also want to receive products faster and expect the best after sales service. As of now, we have no word from Amazon on whether it will bring its membership service, Amazon Prime, to India. But it will be interesting to see how Amazon and Flipkart’s other competition will be responding to Flipkart First.

But whatever the direction the industry takes, customers will benefit. And we, at Pennyful.in will always be focusing on making sure that our customers take advantage of any industry development, through either cashback or reward vouchers.

As for Flipkart: Pennyful.in customers get upto 10% in reward vouchers when they shop at Flipkart via Pennyful.in

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