When shopping for a mobile, keep it online!

The ecommerce space in India has always been regarded to be defined by two product categories, books and consumer electronics. When we look solely at the Consumer Electronics product category, we see that a majority of the buying has been governed by the trend of mobility – be it in the form of smartphones, feature phones or tablets.

Why online shopping?

The days of going to an offline mobile store to purchase electronic goods are passé`. Today’s consumer wants to be able to shop for his/her mobile needs comfortably and conveniently. Besides getting a mobile phone delivered to the doorstep, there are other factors that have shaped the online shopping experience for mobile phone purchases.

Firstly, the after sale support offered by online retailers are just as good, if not better than the ones offered by offline stores. Secondly, and maybe the most important aspect, is the price. Customers can now easily find their favorite mobile phones or tablets at prices, which are much cheaper than the M.R.P offered by offline stores. Add to this the prospect of being able to get prices slashed through discount coupons and cashback websites such as Pennyful.in and the concept of shopping for mobile products online becomes especially enticing.

Plus, users also have various payment options at their disposal when they shop online such as, Cash on Delivery, Online Payment and even EMI options.

Plus with the increasing trend of using mobile websites and mobile apps, smartphone owners can now buy their mobile phones online, using their current mobile phones! Mobileception!

The Motorola example

It is easy to see that online mobile shopping is now becoming mainstay, and mobile phone manufacturers are recognizing this. For instance, take the case of Motorola, which is one of the biggest and most popular mobile phone companies today. The company had arguably seen a downturn until recently. This had all changed when the Moto G was launched. Motorola had obviously seen the potential of the ecommerce market in India and decided to sell all of its products exclusively through one of India’s biggest ecommerce retailers, Flipkart.com. This trend continued with other Motorola launches like Moto E which was very well received by online shoppers.

The Pennyful Advantage!

The case of Motorola is a very good evidence of the direction in which Indian ecommerce is headed. And we at Pennyful.in are also seeing this trend as the majority of the purchases which happen through us are in fact mobile phones, smartphones, and tablets. After all, when you keep your mobile shopping at Pennyful.in, you stand to get cashback on almost every online consumer goods retailer that exists in India today.

So if you are in the market for purchasing a mobile phone, keep your shopping online and via Pennyful.in and be ready to reap the rewards online shopping has to offer.

Author (Ravitej Yadalam)

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