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It is a popular misconception that in the world of online fashion shopping, women dominate the playing field. In reality, this misconception is just that, a misconception. According to the internal database of Pennyful, it is in fact men who prefer to shop online for fashion products more, rather than visiting brick and mortar stores. The major reason behind this is that buying products at online shopping store is easier, convenient and cheaper. Whether it is for jeans, or shoes, or shirts, men today are now buying their apparels and accessories online.

The number of online fashion stores men have at their disposal are numerous. Fashion specific websites such as Mytnra, Jabong or Koovs, all have excellent collections for men. And popular marketplaces such as Flipkart or have begun to get a strong foothold in the fashion segment as well, while Lenskart is a preferred shopping destination to purchase men’s eyewear online.  There are many online shopping stores nowadays that offer men products. The choices for men to buy their fashion requirements online are plenty and it is believed that shopping for men products at online shopping store has many advantages over the traditional way of shopping:

  1. First is the choice online stores offer. Online shopping brings fashion from not only India, but the world to Indian online shoppers. So the options men have at their disposal is next to unlimited.
  2. Second, and most obvious is convenience. Online shopping store offers shoppers the convenience to shop regardless of what time of the day it is, or where the shopper is at the moment, be it at work or at home. And with online shopping going mobile, tech savvy male shoppers are now buying their clothes online, on the move!
  3. Finally, and probably the biggest attraction of online shopping are the prices. Firstly, online fashion shopping sites and marketplaces ensure that shoppers are kept happy by giving them the best prices possible. And it’s not only the discounts where shoppers save. When buyers shop through a cashback website like, they not only get to save through the discounts Pennyful’s partner sites offer, but also earn by receiving some of their money back – straight into their bank account! For instance, when a shopper visits via, he not only gets all the discounts has to offer, but also receives upto Rs. 244 Cashback from Pennyful!

So gentlemen, continue to keep your fashion shopping online. The online fashion retail world will ensure that you will find every single fashion product that you are looking for, be it jeans, tees, shoes, ties, hats, scarves, wallets, belts, socks, bags, anything! Plus you also get access to any of the high end brands you prefer such as Aldo, Guess, Giordano, Provogue and many more! And women, do not be alarmed, all this applies naturally to you as well :)

Author (Ravitej Yadalam)

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