The Pennyful Brazuca Contest – Get a chance to win the Official World Cup Adidas Brazuca Football

The World Cup season is indeed an exciting time. It is the only time fans and non-fans of the sport get together and watch the spectacle. This time, with the World Cup being in Brazil, is probably going to be the most interesting one. Any we at Pennyful are focused on taking the excitement of the occasion to a whole new level with the Pennyful Brazuca Contest.

The Contest Rules

All you have to do to enter the contest is visit our Pennyful Brazuca Page, Sign in or Sign up, and predict the score of the matches happening on that day within the stipulated time. The Contestant who predicts the most number of correct scores – wins!! It’s that simple.

Winners will be declared once in every 10 days and will win Adidas Brazuca Glider Football, Size 5 (Multicolor). This means that over the period of the world cup competition, there are 3 of these to be won!

And there’s more, a winner of the overall competition will be declared after the World Cup ends. And this winner will win an Official World Cup Adidas Brazuca Football!! You heard it right!

But, what if there’s a tie?

We have that covered as well. To improve the chances of winning, we strongly encourage our participants be active on Facebook and Twitter. Share posts about the Pennyful Brazuca contest, or spread the word, on Facebook. And ask your friends to like these posts/shares!

On twitter, simply tweet using #PennyfulBrazuca and have your friends retweet you.

During the event of a tie, we will determine the winner based on who has performed better on Facebook and Twitter.

So brace yourselves, and be prepared to use your intuition and your social media skills.

Participate Now –  Pennyful Brazuca Page

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