It is at times difficult to find the best deals online, but this blog is here to help you with some of the best deals of the day, as usual! And if you look below you will see that most of today’s deals revolve around your home and furniture barring a couple.

Find your favourite deals below:

iBall Raaga 2.1 Q9 Full Wood Speakers at Amazon

Let’s start with a couple of deals which are not related to furniture, but is great for your home! And this is a great deal on Amazon which should set your mood for the upcoming weekend!

iBall Raaga 2.1 Q9 Full Wood Speakers is made of Rosewood which means that it’s going to surely give you the excellent sound you have been desiring! It can be connected to multiple music systems as well as your PC or MP3 players. This is a great set of speakers for your parties!

Plus, it is available on Amazon at a discount of 33% bringing the price down from Rs. 1,599 to just Rs. 1,065!! That’s a savings of Rs. 534!!

And save more through us as when you buy the speakers from Amazon via Pennyful, you also get 4% cashback as well, over the existing discount!!

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Lenovo WD100 Wireless Display Adapter at Amazon

This deal will be great for your home entertainment needs. Everyone has had the desire to watch the videos stored on their laptop or phone on the big screen. This deal is meant for them!!

This Wireless Display Adapter from Lenovo is really handy with its One-touch push to the the TV. It can stream from devices using android 4.2, Windows 8 and above versions straight to your TV.

Buy this Lenovo WD100 Wireless Display Adapter from Amazon at a 33% discount on its M.R.P. of Rs. 3,999 for just Rs. 2,699 at a savings of Rs. 1,300!!

Plus when you buy the display adapter from Amazon via Pennyful, you also get 4% cashback on top of the existing discount as well!!

Buy it here now! –

Prestige PIC 1.0 V2 1900-Watt Induction Cooktop at Amazon

The next deal on our list is from Amazon as well and is on a product that your kitchen really needs!

This Induction Cooktop is excellent for cooking without the need of gas, hence helping you cut costs of your gas bill! It also has an automatic voltage regulator, a power consumption display and automatic start options, thus ensuring that your electricity bill is not affected as well. Moreover, on Amazon, you get the Induction cooktop at an incredible 40% off! This brings down the M.R.P. down from Rs. 4,195 to just Rs. 2,509!! That means you save Rs. 1,686 for your wallet!

But we, at Pennyful, want you to save more money in your wallet and hence, when you the cooktop from Amazon via Pennyful, you also get cashback of 8%!

So shop here today:

Oasis Vegas Two Seater Sofa Chocolate at FabFurnish

Alright, let’s get to the furniture deals, which means all this deals are going to be from your favourite online furniture store, FabFurnish

For instance, take this deal on this Chocolate coloured two seater sofa set on FabFurnish! There is a discount of 40% on it making the Rs. 33,499 sofa set very affordable at Rs. 19,999!! Savings of 13,500, anyone?

Also, when you buy it from FabFurnish via Pennyful, you can get cashback of 6.5%!

So shop here today:

Fab Home Halston Two Seater Sofa Brown And Beige at FabFurnish

If the above sofa is not to your liking, we are sure this one will be more suited for you!

This contemporary sofa is made of sturdy solid wood and plywood and is “dressed” with premium fabric. It’s stylish, chic and is an excellent addition to your house. Plus, it is available at a 41% discount, bringing down the Rs. 43,999 price tag to just Rs. 25,999!

Also, when you buy the sofa from FabFurnish via Pennyful, you can get cashback of 6.5%!

Buy it here now:

Elmwood Dublie King Bed With Top Storage at FabFurnish

The next deal moves away from the living room and into the bedroom!

If it is charm you are looking for with a classic look, this bed belongs to you. It is made of fine tropical fruit/solid wood and comes in with built in storage boxes for added function. What makes this bed more irresistible is the fact that it can be yours for a discount of 26% for just Rs. 41,999!!

Plus get cashback of 6.5% when you buy it at FabFurnish via Pennyful!

Shop here today:

Fab Home Newport Dresser at FabFurnish

Our final deal of the day is once again from FabFurnish, and once again should fit perfectly in the bedroom of your dreams.

Minimalistic is the word to describe this uber cool dresser from FabFurnish. And making it cooler is its price. After a discount of 7% this dresser from FabFurnish goes from Rs. 8,499 to just Rs. 7,899!

Plus cashback of 6.5% cashback when you buy it from Fabfurnish via Pennyful!

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