3 Ways for Getting Maximum Bargain on Online Shopping

No matter how big an online retailer might make a sale appear to be, secretly it could be even bigger than that. An online consumer should not settle with marked down price on a product no matter how lucrative it might appear. There are ways of saving even more money just around the corner. Here are three methods by which you could save some extra cash.

1.    Check on Price Comparison Portals

Price Comparison sites are designed to do just what their name implies; compare the price of goods and services from a range of providers. These sites help the consumer to in making a well informed decision about which provider to choose in order to save the money.

With rapid growth of e-commerce trade in India, a number of online players are present in the market selling goods and services while claiming to offer the best price to the customer. In such cases, a customer tends to get confused among innumerable choices offered online and can’t actually figure out which site offers the best deal at cheapest price. Few price comparison sites available in India are:  jungle.com, mysmartprice.com, pricedekho.com etc.

The cost of the product is always at the top of the mind of an Indian customer, keeping that variable in mind Price comparison sites in India are flooded with numerous offers to help the potential buyer.

2.    Coupons

Coupon is a ticket or a document that can be exchanged for monetary discount or rebate when purchasing a product.

Online Coupons are mainly distributed through mail, bulk sms, newspapers, social media or e-mails or even by mail on vouchers. No matter if you can’t find the discount coupons on any of these channels, one sure shot place of finding them is couponing and cashback sites. In India, you can find them on sites like Pennyful.in, CouponzGuru.com, Flipit.com, SaveMyRupee.com, CashKaro.com, CupoNation.com etc.

3.     Cashbacks

Cashbacks are relatively a new term which has enjoyed sudden attention of all the customers eyeing to save more on every deal.

Whenever you want to make a purchase online, instead of visiting the retailer directly, go to any cashback website first, Pennyful.in is one such site in India. Once you route your shopping through them you will not only find discount coupons, but also extra cash back in your bank for just paying a visit to their site before you actually shop. Hence proving to be a single place for your money saving needs.

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