Everyone is always in the quest of the best way of listening to their music. Music soothes the soul, and be it used either of parties or solitary listening, music can always lighten a mood.

It is, thus, no surprise that everyone is in the market for great speakers to play their music through. And Flipkart has some great speakers on display.

And since,  Pennyful.in, India’s largest Cashback and Discount Coupons website, is the top of the list of the best Flipkart cashback sites, we felt the urge to break down a list of great speakers for you.

Check out our top picks for speakers here:

Lenovo Portable Speaker M0520

The first deal of the day from Flipkart is on this Lenovo Portable Speaker!

Impress your guests with this nifty Lenovo Portable Speaker M0520 from Flipkart, which is available at a discount of 16%!! This discount brings down the price of the shoes down from Rs. 899 to just Rs. 759! Now that’s a reasonable price for a great set of speakers.

Portronics Pure Sound Portable Speaker

Guys, now imagine listening to music on this portable speaker!

This Portronics Pure Sound Portable Speaker comes with in-built FM Radio and delivers a great sound. It is available on Flipkart for just Rs. 1499!!! That’s an amazing deal!

Creative SBS A235 Laptop Speaker

Now these speakers come from one of the most reputed audio companies in the world: Creative

This 2.1 set has 2 satellite speakers which mean that you can place them anywhere in your house to have the perfect surround sound effect. Plus, it is available at Flipkart at an incredible discount of 30%, bringing the price down from Rs. 2,599 to just Rs. 1,799! Isn’t that incredible?!

DBEST PS4001BT Solo Mini Bluetooth Speaker

If you are looking at combining sound with style, look no forward than this DBEST PS4001BT Solo Mini Bluetooth Speaker.

This DBEST PS4001BT Solo Mini Bluetooth Speaker is extremely stylish, compact and practical. It also works on Bluetooth so say bye to all those pesky wires.  And it is available at Flipkart at just Rs. 1,500, which makes it quite a steal!!

Logitech Z200 Laptop Speaker

The final speaker on our list just screams ‘minimalism’

With a delicate white and black finish, this Logitech speaker is as stylish as they come. It also possesses the capability to deliver a power packed sound! it is also available on Flipkart at a whopping discount of 50%!

This discount brings down the speakers Rs. 2,995 price tag down to just Rs. 1,459!

So as you can see, there are some great speakers on our list, and we have some more good news to offer. When you buy any of these speakers from Flipkart via Pennyful, you also get 1.33% back in the form of gift cards above the mentioned discount!

So wait no further and get your groove on here: http://bit.ly/1rdrGyh


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