How does Cashback work?

Ever wondered how works? Find the answer below!

As the online shopping trend is catching up in India, a generation of online shoppers is maturing to become smart shoppers. A smart shopper is someone who knows where to buy what from, where to get the best deals and how to save the maximum cash while shopping online.

While many online shoppers are familiar with the concept of online coupons and cashback, only a few wonder tend to wonder why these e-commerce companies are being so generous to their consumers.

The answer is that by hosting their discounts and coupons on different partner sites, these companies get a cost effective way to market themselves. Affiliate marketing offers online retailers a low risk and high reward marketing and sales strategy. Basically, we, Pennyful are affiliates, and we help our partners make sales.

So basically, for each sale that happens on a retailer’s site via us, we get a monetary commission.

If we take it from the top, the customer is happy because he/she saved his/her hard-earned money, the online store is happy because it made a sale and we are happy because we made the marriage happen and got a commission for it. Hence, this results in a win-win situation for everyone.

And it gets even better for the smart consumers, since they club multiple deals together and avail maximum discount.

We help you save maximum by allowing you to get cashback and discount coupons. So, a person coming to seek coupons would certainly try to avail the best price on a particular site by adding the advantage of cashback to it. If on an already discounted product, one gets ab additional discount followed by a cashback in their bank account. What more could any online shopper ask for?

So shop at Pennyful today and save BIG!

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