There is never a bad time to love. As Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Where there is love, there is life”.

The Christmas season has just ended, but that does not mean that you shouldn’t buy something special for your significant other. After all, the New Year is approaching, and what better way to bid adieu to the old year, than by spending it with ‘Her’

Which is why, we at, India’s Largest Cashback and Discount Coupons website, bring to you some romantic gifting ideas from Flipkart for the special woman in your life.

Find your choice below:

Liebemode Women’s Peplum Dress

Let’s start with an item every woman loves, a new dress.

Whether, taking her out to dinner, or treating her to a special romantic home cooked meal, a romantic date is certainly an occasion to dress up for. And gifting her this beautiful Liebemode Women’s Peplum Dress will be sure to keep you in her good books. Buy it from Flipkart at a discount of 25% for just Rs. 1,499! And save more through us as when you buy the dress from Flipkart via Pennyful, you also get upto 6% in gift cards as well, over the existing discount!!

Seven Secrets Pillar Candle

If you are planning to treat her to a home cooked meal at home, you just cannot undervalue the importance of a ‘candlelight dinner’

And this candle is excellent to ignite the romance during the date. Just one look at it, is sure to bring out the love. Buy this Seven Secrets Pillar Candle from Flipkart at a 50% discount on its M.R.P. of Rs. 999 for just Rs. 499 at a savings of Rs. 500!! Plus when you buy the candle from Flipkart via Pennyful, you also get 5% back in the form of gift cards on top of the existing discount as well!!

Nina Ricci Apple L’Elixir EDP – 80 ml

A perfume is a great gifting idea and the deal on this one is sure to make you fall in love with it.

Nina Ricci is one of the biggest names in women’s perfumes and hence, she is certainly going to be impressed with this gift. This Nina Ricci Apple L’Elixir EDP – 80 ml has a beautfilly designed bottle, which helps it double as a showpiece to her perfume collection as well. Moreover, on Flipkart, you get this Nina Ricci perfume at an incredible 38% off! This brings down the M.R.P. down from Rs. 4,500 to just Rs. 2,751!! But we, at Pennyful, want you to save more money and hence, when you the perfume from Flipkart via Pennyful, you also get back of 4% in gift cards as well!

Oviya Brass, Alloy Jewel Set

There’s only few things most women love more than jewelry and the deal on this one makes it a must buy.

This Oviya Brass, Alloy Jewel Set is sure to make the evening special! There is a discount of 50% on it making the Rs. 1,199 jewel set very affordable at Rs. 599!! Also, when you buy it from Flipkart via Pennyful, you can get gift cards of upto 6.0%!

So here is to you and your loved one. Buy these, and many more gifts for her from Flipkart, and make sure you buy them from Pennyful to save more through gift cards as well.


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