PayTM Mall : A better alternative to our ecommerce shopping

Not very long ago, PayTM became a part and parcel of our lives. PayTM enabled us with instant digital payment, which is a big step towards promotion of cashless transactions across the nation. But digital payment is only one of the few things that we appreciate PayTM for. Today’s topic is beyond payments. We are here to discuss another great offering from One97 Communication (owns PayTM) is PayTM Mall.
PayTM Mall provides a wide array of products, across sectors that are accessible to us in a few clicks. Additionally to enhance the customer experience, PayTM Mall also offers added advantages like no-cost monthly installments, extended warranty, insurance of device & easy exchange policy. These add-ons have delighted the consumers who were already overwhelmed with the range of products and the ease at which they could be bought, not to forget the great prices.
Today PayTM Mall might be considered as an alternative to the likes of Flipkart or Amazon, but we’d say it is a better alternative that is available up our sleeves for both the parties – the buyer as well as the seller.
PayTM is also in talks with few of the big electronic component manufacturers to directly make its products available to the consumers. And with it’s no-cost EMI scheme, many of us can now fulfil our dream of buying the best Refrigerator, Television or Mobile Phone without burning a hole in our pocket. Moving forward PayTM mall is aiming to cover a number of locations to whom the service can be catered to. India is a huge nation and PayTM is inching closer, day by day, pincode by pincode to cover majority of India under it’s serviceable range.
Have you too made a purchase from PayTM Mall? If Yes, do share your story in the comments section as to how you were left awe-struck by the offering of PayTM Mall.

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